Have you ever wanted to help a wild animal? Or perhaps you are looking for a gift for that “hard to buy for” person. Now is your chance to find that special animal waiting for you at Rolling Hills. '

Did you know that the Zoo’s five rhinos eat nearly 1,100 bales of hay each year? Or, that the big cats consume about 65 pounds of meat every day?
You can help with the care of the Zoo’s animals by adopting your favorite animal.

Animal adoptions are valid for one year. To allow the greatest opportunity to share in their care, animals may be adopted more than once.

As of July 6, 2015
(Click here for a printable list)

Aardvark Leopard, Snow
Addax Lion, African
Anteater, Giant Lizard, Spiny
Bear, Andean Mandrill
Camel, Dromedary Monitor, Quince
Capuchin, Brown Tufted Orangutan, Sumatran
Capybara Ostrich
Chameleon Forest Dragon Oryx, Scimitar-horned
Chimpanzee Prairie Dog
Chuckwalla Pronghorn
Coati Python, Burmese
Cougar Python, Green Tree
Crane, African Crowned Rabbit, Old World
Deer, Mule Rhino, Greater One-horned
Deer, White Tailed Rhino, White
Dog, African Painted Sheep, Dorper
Eagle, Golden Sheep, Jacobs
Flamingo, Chilean Swan, Black
Frog, Poison Dart Takin, Sichuan
Frog, Vietnamese Mossy Tamarin, Cotton-Top
Frog, Waxy Tree Tiger, Amur
Frog, White's Tree Toad, Sonoran Desert
Gila Monster Tortoise, Aldabra
Giraffe Tortoise, Arizona Desert
Goat, Pygmy Tortoise, Yellow-footed
Hawk, Red-tailed Vulture, Turkey
Iguana, Grand Cayman Wallaby, Red-necked
Kangaroo, Red Wolf, Maned
Lemur, Ring-tailed Zebu
Leopard, Amur  

There are now two options for Classroom Adoptions (CR1 and CR2). This is perfect for any classroom that would like to raise funds for an animal. Both of these options include an Education Program.

Are you interested in helping preserve animals beyond Rolling Hills Zoo? This conservation adoption level allows a portion of your donation to go directly toward one of the conservation programs that Rolling Hills Zoo supports. Click to visit our Conservation Page of our website to view a full list of programs.

If you do not wish to Adopt-an-animal online, download the Adopt-an-Animal Brochure. Fill out the form completely, and return your form with your payment information, a check or money order to the Zoo. We'll take care of the rest!

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