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Ant Farm Fun
(Age 8 and up. Requires cutting plastic and collecting ants.)

Ants are one of the most interesting insects to observe because of their social structures and the way they make a care for their colony. One of the best ways to get to know these bustling bugs is to make an ant farm and observe it for a few days.


Paper 'Bag'itat
(Age 6 and up.)

The word habitat refers to the place where animals and plants live. Without a good habitat that has the things an animal needs, the animal's survival will be in serious danger. In fact, habitat loss is the number one reason that species become endangered and extinct in the wild! Create a habitat in a paper bag that will meet all of your favorite wild animal's needs.


Bird Belly Café
(Age 10 and up. Requires cutting with a sharp knife.)

One of the easiest ways to start learning about the birds in your region is to put a birdfeeder in your yard! A birdfeeder, if it is put in a good spot, will attract all different kinds of feathered friends throughout the year. Plus, this type of birdfeeder is a great way to recycle a used plastic milk jug!


Be a Backyard Birdwatcher!

Observe these birds in your neighborhood. Record the time and location you see them, and then color the picture as the bird looked to you!


Mini-Landfill Experiment
(Age 8 and up)

Each day, trash trucks around the world deliver garbage to local landfills. A landfill is a special area where trash is dumped and mixed with the earth. Some trash will break down and disappear over time, but other trash won't. Learn what kind of garbage is good or bad for landfills, and learn how you can make a difference!



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