Helen L. Graves Hideaway Hollow

Nestled halfway through your journey around the world at the Wildlife Museum is Hideaway Hollow. An engaging discovery room filled with games, computers, children’s books, puppets and dig sites.

With over 100 puppets and over 80 children’s books, the possibilities are endless in the Hollow’s forest. Complete with a rainforest puppet stage, build-a-tree stations, and a large tree house, this discovery room starts museum guests off on an adventure only limited by your imagination.

Following the cobblestone path back out of the forest, you come up on a beach and the ocean. With an orca, killer whale and hammerhead shark overhead, games, blocks and puzzles lie on numerous tables waiting to be explored. Microscope stations and a large lego table round out the second section of Hideaway Hollow, but the journey is not over.

Floating on the ocean waves are four computer stations where museum guests can take virtual tours of various ecosystems. Explore the deserts of the United States, stomp through wetlands or visit the rainforests or play Switch Zoo and make your own new animals at the computer stations.

Hideaway Hollow provides a great break in ones long journey around the world!


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